Enforcing Civil Rights. Protecting Human Dignity.

Practice Areas

Hostile Work Environment / Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Termination
Whistle Blower


Customizable employee policy and handbook

Employers can avoid many labor and employment disputes with clear and strategic policies that respect workers. We work with large and small companies to draft handbooks and policies tailored to their vision for workplace culture.

Civil litigation and settlement

Litigation can be enduring and costly. Luckily, there are many opportunities to resolve a case before it becomes a matter of court motions and extended discovery. According to a paper by the American Judges Association, less than three percent of civil cases make it to a trial verdict.

If you do not wish to pursue full litigation, we can help settle your case quickly to obtain the best possible deal for you. We also provide full litigation services to maximize your interests.

Federal agency representation

Though we represent both federal and private employees, federal employees have different rights and procedures. For instance, federal employees have a shorter time to report acts of discrimination and they report them to a different office than private workers.

We represent federal workers and unions in different agencies, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Merit Systems Protection Board.


The best way to avoid legal pitfalls is to be fully advised on the front end. We consult with clients on contract, labor and employment matters, and appellate preservation in trial court.